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Established in 1988, High Frequency Electronics Ltd ("HFE"). supplies Radio Frequency Dielectric Heating Equipment, Hot Air Welders, Wedge Welders and Induction Heating equipment to a vast cross section of industry.

Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers have many years of practical experience in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Radio Frequency machinery.  The Managing Director, Barry Johnston became involved in the RF industry in 1971 as a young apprentice, building RF PVC welders from 1kW to 80kW. Barry's experience spans all aspects of Radio Frequency Dielectric Heating applications from the plastic industry through to timber, food and metal industries.

High Frequency Electronics Ltd provides full back up services to all our clients. We have HFE machinery installed throughout New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Pacific Islands. All consumables, barrier materials, components, valves, capacitors, diodes, air supplies, tooling etc. are readily available from our stores.

4 Reasons to choose HFE

  1. Market place Reputation
  2. Leading Edge Technology and equipment reliability
  3. Customer support, during proposal stage through to after-sales-service
  4. Honesty and integrity. 

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